Why You Choose Puppy Foods for Labs

Do you want to know which food is the best puppy foods for labs? Welcome to our complete guideline to get the best information for the best puppy foods for labs!  It will help you to choose the right Labrador puppy food for your growing puppy. The most popular dog in the world is the Labrador which makes the perfect family pet such as energetic, intelligent, loyal, and loving food for your puppy.

However, selecting the right food to feed your small puppy is the most critical situation an owner which need to ensure your puppy grows into a healthy adult dog. It is harder for owners to select the best puppy foods for labs from the available brands of dog food on the market.

Considering your puppy’s nutritional requirements with potential feeding methods, we made this full guideline that helps you to select the right food for your pup. We’ll also point you the best brands.

Puppy Foods

Let’s find out, what is the best food for labs?

  • Best puppy food for labs

We all want to feed the best food for our puppy. But it is very hard to select the best food. It is not impossible to feed our puppy homemade food or raw food. You have heard the name of biologically appropriate raw food. Raw food is popular for growth and there are pros and cons to raw feeding puppies that will be looking at here.

The alternatives are:
  1. Kibble (dry food)
  2. Barf (raw food)
  3. Wet food
  4. Home cooked puppy food.
  • Feeding your laboratory puppy on kibble

Generally, you can buy ready-made puppy food with good quality on the market. But most of the vets and breeders believe that kibble is the greatest way to feed your puppy. If you decide to feed your puppy on dry food, your vet also supports you. A good puppy kibble contains every nutrition that is essential for your Labrador puppy to grow and remain healthy. 

  • What food should you feed with puppy kibble?

Puppy kibble from a trustworthy manufacturer is planned to be a complete and balanced food. Even if you feed kibble, you don’t need to feed anything without water. Plus, you don’t need to add anything else to it. So, if you want to feed kibble, you should pick a good source and stick with it.

  • What about feeding puppies’ raw food?

Some people think that kibble is not good to feed a dog. They are a little bit worried about the long-term effects of feeding kibble. They also thought that there are more advantages to feeding a natural raw diet. But I would warn them personally from switching puppies to raw in a hurry. There have some pros and cons to raw feeding that needs to be considering before plunging in.

People often can be confused about how much their puppy weighs and how much food should weigh. We have put a puppy diet guide below that give you an idea of what quantities you have to feed.

It is not a good idea that you overfeed your puppy. Though it leads to larger your puppy, it makes less dense bones and associated skeletal abnormalities.

  • Labrador puppy diet chart

The following puppy feeding chart is a very rough guide. You should remind that you have to feed your puppy depending on your puppy and on the brand of food that you are feeding him.

The Labrador puppy feeding chart:

Age of puppy Weight of puppy Quantity per day Meals per day Quantity per meals
2months 15-18lbs


7-9 ounce

( 200-250 gm)

4 2 ounces ( 50-55 gm)
3months 24-26lbs

(11-12 kilos)

9-11 ounce ( 250-300 gm) 3 3- 3.5 ounce ( 80-100 gm)
6months 50-60lbs


12-16 ounce ( 350-450 gm) 2 6-8 ounce ( 175-225gm)


  • Mealtimes and schedules

You should fit the mealtime and the feeding schedule of your puppy. Don’t feed him at a time for the whole day.

  • First meal of the day: You can give the first meal at 6.oo am after 15-20 minutes later after waking. Have a set time as your possibility and practice your puppy to eat at your scheduled time.
  • Last meal before bed: You need to feed your puppy at least ¾ hours ago before going to bed.
  • Example puppy feeding schedule: There has a feeding schedule for 8 weeks old puppy:
  • 7 am
  • 11 am
  • 3 pm
  • 7 pm
Then at 12 weeks:
  • 8 am
  • 1 pm
  • 6 pm

You need not to maintain just like this time. It is just for your idea. I think it will help you to create a schedule as your possibility.

Finally, we hope that this informative content will help you to feed your lovely puppy according to their need and your own way with full nutrition.

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