Nutro Ultra Puppy Dry Dog Food

Product description:

One of the best products that are really helpful in the case of puppies for its growth is the Nutro Wholesome Essential puppy dry dog food. This is one of the best puppy food in 2019. This is really beneficial in many ways for the healthy growth of the puppy. This food not only serves a great taste for the puppy but also has ingredients like farm-raised chicken, brown rice and also sweet potatoes.

With the addition of farm-raised chicken in the food, it helps in healthy muscle growth in the puppy due to the presence of amino acids in the chicken. The food also consists of Omega3 that helps take care simultaneously of the growth of the puppy. Due to the presence of Omega3, it consists of fatty acids such as DHA.

This food also tries to give other benefits like it enriches vitamins, proteins and minerals also Omega 3&6 fatty acids that not only provides muscle growth but also it is good for their skin and promotes a soft layering coat of their fur also it provides calcium for the bones and also the joints. Also with the presence of phosphorous, it gives your puppy strong bones and teeth. You must also be looking for the best inexpensive puppy food with all these requirements so you can really refer to this product. It is one of the best Nutro ultra puppy dry dog food.

The selection of food with all these ingredients for your puppy is a wise decision. Because food plays a vital role in maintaining their health and giving them a healthy and long life. So it is our responsibility to research all this before you keep a pet.

Key benefits:

  • You have come across certain products that contain added preservatives for the long run of your product but these preservatives are generally chemicals that may affect your puppy health. Also, it may contain some artificial colors or flavors that also gives a negative impact on the puppy. So you must go through all these guidelines before buying the product. The product must have all essential nutrients also without added colors or preservatives.
  • This product is quality checked and with an assured statement that it is basically provided food that is naturally prepared that actually helps in the natural growth of your puppy and also it is prepared with an objective to keep your puppy naturally healthy and fit.
  • The presence of essential nutrients in the food makes it one of the reasons to buy this product for your puppy. Other essential nutrients including Omega3 is a great beneficial presence in this preparation. It really helps in maintaining your puppy health and also improves their digestive system which simultaneously helps your puppy for proper nutrient absorption.
  • Food is the source of energy. It provides us energy with the help of which we can work daily. Now, this amount of energy is provided to such on the basis of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats; all these amounts of required nutrients that are essential for body intake is necessary. So here in this product, the experts also maintained this required level of nutrients that is essential for your puppy to rejuvenate their energy levels and keeping them healthy.
  • The presence of amino acids in this food in the farm-raised chicken that is been added in this food as an ingredient this really provides a healthy muscle growth for your puppy.


  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Flavour- chicken
  • Farm-raised chicken
  • Whole grains vegetable and fruits
  • Made in: US
  • Wet food formulas: No
  • Food Consistency: Kibble
  • Age range puppy (0-12 months)

Caloric Content:

370 Kcal/kg, 387 Kcal/kg

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Crude proteins: 27% (minimum)
  • Crude fat: 16% (minimum)
  • Crude fibre: 3% (maximum)
  • Moisture: 10% (maximum)
  • Calcium: 1.20% (minimum)
  • Phosphorous: 1% (minimum)
  • Selenium: 0.35 mg/kg (minimum)
  • Omega-3fattyacids: 0.20% (minimum)


It is suggested that the bag should be sealed in a cool or dry place to keep the product fresh.


Chicken, whole brown rice, chicken meal, split peas, barley, lamb meal, rice, natural flavor, dried plain beet pulp, fish oil, potassium chloride, dried apples, dried carrots, niacin supplement, biotin, vitamin E.

Feeding guideline:

The food intake that is given to the puppy must be according to the weight and age of the puppy. Also, the water given to the puppy must be fresh and pure so that your puppy stays healthy and also daily exercise is necessary for your puppy.

Feeding instruction




2 months daily feeding  cup 3 months daily feeding  cup 4 months daily feeding  cup 5 months old daily feeding  cup 6 months old daily feeding  cup 7 months old daily feeding  cup 8 months old daily feeding  cup
6.6 lb (3kg) 5/8 cup (63 g) 3/4 cup (71 g) 3/4 cup (74 g) 7/8 cup (74g) 3/4 cup (67 g) 5/8 cup (60 g) 5/8 cup (53 g)
11 lb


1 cup (92 g) 11/4cup (104g) 13/8 cup (99 g) 13/8 cup (99 g) 13/8 cup (99 g) 11/4 cup (108 g) 11/8 cup (109 g)
13.2 lb


11/8 cup (102 g) 11/4 cup (117 g) 13/8 cup (123 g) 13/8 cup (124 g) 13/8 cup (123 g) 7/8 cup (111 g) 7/8 cup (100 g)

Quality Ingredients

  1. Chicken: It basically consists of amino acids. It also provides your puppy with a good taste. And this can be considered as the best tasting puppy food. The chicken used here is actually farm-raised chicken. Amino acids in this chicken help in building the muscle and also results in the healthy growth of your puppy.
  2. Sweet potatoes: Potato is a source of energy. It is really nutritious. So does sweet potato it provides the puppy with essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals.
  3. Sunflower oil: This contains the presence of Omega 6 that helps in providing a healthy growth of your skin and also provides a soft coating.
  4. Brown rice: It is generally made up of whole grains that are really good at improving digestion ability. We also consume brown bread it also has the same ability of whole grains that induces less fat. So the presence of brown rice here along with all these other ingredients helps in providing your puppy balanced nutrition to them and also improves their digestion ability.

Your pet is your responsibility. How to keep it healthy and disease-free you must understand all this before having a pet. Providing them with vaccinations is also necessary to provide them immunity against diseases also works as an antibody for them.

Then comes the selection of best dog foods for labs & best puppy food. There are many products in the market but how to select the best product according to age, breed, essential nutrition. This all must be followed before buying your product. Also taking your puppy for work is essential to do to keep them healthy and fit.

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