Evanger’s Grain-Free Organic 100-percent Cooked Chicken for Dogs, 12.8 ounces can, pack of 12

Product Description:

You might be someone who loves his pet but is unable to feed his dog properly through the homemade dog food. We have come up with the best organic dog food that will curb this tension to feed your dog properly. We assure you to provide the topmost premium quality food in the form of our best organic dog food brand Evanger’s Grain.

We are presenting the composure of quality ingredients in the form of our canned dog food. The cooked chicken contains all the vital nutrients that are required by your dog. We know that your dog means a lot to you and you won’t compromise on his taste at all. We have come up with 12 product cans with each one being as great as the other one. There are not any by-products but a lot of minerals and vitamins that make a nutrition-rich mix. You are free to feed your dog with our amazing product throughout its lifetime. We have used 100% organic chicken and ingredients to win your trust.

Key Benefits

  • The sources are the product which is put together in the USA
  • A wonderful healthy supplement
  • Naturally GMO, Hormone and antibiotic-free
  • Certified to be organic by Oregon tilth
  • Offers a variety of taste while being nutritional
  • it is a mixture of minerals, meat, and vitamin which are completely natural
  • Compatible for dogs of all life stages, age, and breed
  • There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives such as corn, wheat, and soy are present in the product along with the absence of harmful additives and by-products
  • Great for pets sensitive to various kinds of food


  • Age Range: All breeds, stages of life and age.
  • Dimensions: 9 x 9.4 x 4.9 inches,
  • Package Weight: 90 Pounds
  • Producing company – United States
  • Food type: canned food.
  • Food packaging: Pack of 12 cans
  • Size: 12/13.2-oz cans
  • 100% organic food
  • No artificial flavor
  • No artificial color
  • All-natural ingredients

Caloric Content

913 kcal/kg, 336 kcal/can

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude protein: 9.0%(minimum)
  • Crude fat: 7.0%(minimum)
  • Crude Fiber: 1.50%(maximum)
  • Moisture: 78.0%(maximum)
  • Calcium: 0.25% (minimum)
  • Phosphorous : 0.20% (minimum)


The nutritional requirements of your dog, irrespective of the breed and stage of life, will be well taken care of with this product. As in, it is the best organic dog food for puppies and Best organic dog food for small dogs. You can happily serve this meal to any of the dogs and you will see the product bear fruitful results, especially if your dog suffers from a sensitive stomach or is a picky eater, as it is the best organic dog food for sensitive stomachs. The taste of the chicken is retained which the pets love, and at the same time nutrients are also provided. Natural Vitamins and minerals are blended with the all-natural meats for ultimate nutrition. All Evanger’s foods are of premium-quality, and are highly-palatable as well, along with being rich in nutrients that will satisfy even the most finicky eater.

The specific ingredients are: –

Organic chicken, water for processing, organic guar gum.

Precautions and Safeguards

  • It is pet food and shall not be intended to other users
  • Freshwater should be available at all times
  • Refrigerate up to 36 hours after opening
  • Keep out of reach from children

Feeding Instructions

It is best to follow the feeding instructions as given by the manufacturer in the product, to ensure the consumption is to the best interest and health of the pet. Look at the table given below to know the right amounts of quantity, as in the feeding instructions.

Dog Weight (lbs) Daily Feeding Amount
10 lbs 1/2 – 3/4 Cans
20 lbs 3/4 – 1-1/2 Cans
30 lbs 1-1/2 – 2 Cans


Feeding Guidelines

The above measurements are for any breed, but irrespective of the breed if puppies, pregnant and nursing dogs are in concern, you can use 2 to 3 times what an adult pet would require to eat. So, feel free to fix the proportion as per your pet and ensure that your pet’s health is not compromised at any cost. On the contrary, you need to reduce the serving size for the pets which are a lot less active or are old enough to be normally active. This is because the food your pet consumes should be in proportion with the activity, age, environment, and breed. Make sure you keep fresh water available for your pets at all times, as this is absolutely necessary and is as well mentioned in the can.

Quality Ingredients

What is the best organic dog food, the one which dogs love the most, chicken the pack has a whole dressed chicken, which is organically grown with all measures which meet the requirement of an organic product? This chicken is then nicely simmered in natural well water, making the chicken a wonderful and healthy supplement for your pet of any breed, stage of life and age. The chicken is naturally GMO, Hormone and antibiotic-free, making it the perfect food for your lovely pet which would crave some real and good meat, especially chicken, which dogs are pretty fond of.

We suggest you choose this Best organic dog food made in the USA which is the best thing you can let your dog have, in terms of the food it eats. It will make your pet all healthy, growing up the way it ought to be. This way you will ensure your pet a healthy and steady growth. The taste which is compact in the can will lure your dog to eat it licking up to the last bite, even if your dog is a picky eater. Being highly organic and approved, you can ensure you are feeding your pet the best-canned food. And we hope you will choose the best option.

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